Boy in Bahia Blanca

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I bought this photo without realizing it was from Argentina. But there’s a logo applied with one of those embossers in the lower left corner that reads “A POLO / O HIGGINS 64 / B BLANCA”. It took a little googling before I realized that “B BLANCA” meant Bahia Blanca, the town in Argentina. I should have realized that sooner because I already have a picture of a boy in Bahia Blanca, which you can see here. With that in mind, Calle O Higgins 64 would be the be address of the photo studio, and A. Polo is presumably the name of the photographer. I didn’t find any info on that photographer, though I found a couple other examples of their work. This is a real photo postcard, and the logo on the back gives the paper manufacturer as “RTUR”. As with the photographer, I found no info, just other examples. But, of course, I bought it for the image. It’s almost comical to me the way nothing about this appears to be the boy’s choice, not the clothing, not the positioning of the chair, not the awkward pose. I assume his facial expression is intended to be handsomely serious, but he looks a little irked by these proceedings. It’s also a remarkably prosaic chair for a photo studio. But for all that, it’s a photo I’m sure his family was proud of.

4 comments on “Boy in Bahia Blanca”

  1. It’s true that his pose is a bit unnatural, especially in that outfit. It’s the kind of photo that would have made his family smile every time they looked at it.

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