Two men in Finland

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This is one of those pictures that has the features of a newer cabinet card (thicker cardboard, gold lettering, a fancier back, etc), but is more the size of an old Carte de Visite (in this case 4.25 x 2 inches), so I’m never quite sure what to call it. The photographer is Axel Strandberg of Turku, Finland. While there’s nothing to identify these two men, I was interested to learn that Mr. Strandberg only had his studio in Turku from 1905 to 1906, which certainly narrows down the date range of this image. (According to a biography I found online, he was Swedish, but spent a few years in Finland, including this brief period in Turku.) I think it’s satisfying how the men’s clothing goes so well with the painted studio backdrop, creating an image that is nicely in harmony. And I’m wondering if the bunched up fabric at their feet is an error, or if it’s meant to mimic snow.

6 comments on “Two men in Finland”

  1. The backdrop is painted really well. I suspect the bunched-up fabric is a happy accident. I hope these guys own some good winter boots!

  2. You always point out details that I didn’t notice!

  3. Also, I am convinced the fabric was done that way on purpose.

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