Young woman in New York City

Click here to view it larger.

I love the simple directness of this one, and the way the clarity of the image lets us look back through time at the way she’s confidently looking back at us. The photographer is R. A. Lewis, 152 Chatham Street, New York. I believe that’s Robert A. Lewis, as discussed here. He was a successful and prolific enough photographer that you can now find quite a few examples of his work online. That makes it fun to compare and contrast. For instance, the pictures here and here appear to show the same chair (though not the chair above). And he uses the same decorative column in photos here and here and here and here.

4 comments on “Young woman in New York City”

  1. Very nice! I like her bracelets and the little tassels at her waist.

    • Yes, I love all the little details. I also noticed a pattern in the fabric that was only visible to me when I enlarged it. I always wonder what I’m missing when the photo is so small.

  2. As with so many of the black and white photographs, I wish I knew the color of the dress.

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