Couple in a trapezoidal frame

By: usermattw

Nov 19 2012

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Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Photo (approx. 5 x 7 inches at its widest), mounted into a cardboard frame/folder (I have cropped much of the folder from my scan).

What I know about it:

Photographer is Pryor of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Written on the back in pen is Charles Casterton.


This is another one of the photos my mother gave me for my birthday earlier this year.  I think the photo is lovely.  Perhaps it depicts newlyweds?  But one thing I find unusual, and unique to my collection, is the shape of the frame.  It’s a simple enough variation on the standard shape, but it makes for a bold presentation that I find attractive.

4 comments on “Couple in a trapezoidal frame”

  1. I thought the frame was interesting, too! I do not believe I ever saw a frame shaped that way before.

    • I agree, it makes me want to pay more attention to things like the frame shapes. It can be amazing how subtle differences in framing or matting can change the overall impression of the image.

  2. Hey Matt!

    I’d love to chat with you more about old pics outside your blog I have some of my own. Also, I have a post-mortem photo of my dad’s brother, who died as a baby.

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