Young woman posing with hats, bows and a friend

By: usermattw

Jul 06 2013

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Category: Pairs, Women


Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Photo (or four photos printed in one piece of paper) measuring approx. 4.5 x 1.25 inches.

What I know about it:

Written on the back is Hair in Every [illegible].  Click here if you’d like to try to decipher that last word.


Similar to this post, we have here four different portraits of the same teenage girl printed on a single small piece of paper, like what I think of as a proof sheet.  They seem to me almost uselessly small, unless they are intended to be inserted into something like a locket, but they are fun to compare.  She seems to be enjoying playing with styles and posing for the camera.

16 comments on “Young woman posing with hats, bows and a friend”

  1. Beautiful!! Hair in every direction.

  2. Ah, vintage dress-up…what fun!

  3. Beautiful all of them !

  4. Ok, i’m, late but i got direction, too. She is stunning.

  5. Have you noticed any difference in paper quality between photos produced/printed in the US versus those printed in Europe? Just curious. The first photo looks just like a friend of mine who is of Irish and Latvian ancestry.

    • I haven’t noticed any consistent difference, but that’s not an area I’m very knowledgeable about, and my collection isn’t really comprehensive. I have noticed that there is a certain type of format that has the cardboard thickness and overall fancy layout of a cabinet card, but is the smaller size of a carte de visite. I’m never entirely sure what to call them, and my rather unscientific survey seems to suggest that they are typically European. But that doesn’t apply to the photo above.

  6. Kind of a haunting quality about these photos…. not sure how to describe it.

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