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May 05 2019

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Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Two photos, each measuring approx 3 x 4 inches.


What I know about it:

Stamped on the back of each is Passed by US Army Examiner 08485 and Rose Magna Print T82.



It’s my understanding that the Army examiner’s number is a clue to the examiner’s location, rather than the location from which the photo originated.  And while I’ve found other examples online of “Rose Magna Print” stamps on the backs of old photos, I haven’t managed to pinpoint a specific time or place, or even more about the company the stamp refers to (though they largely appear to be mid-century photos, often European).  While sorting through the boxes of photos at the bookstore, I also found this one:

It has the same US Army Examiner’s stamp on the back, and a Rose Magna Print stamp, but with a different serial number.  Despite the fact that these kids appear to be in a Quonset hut, it wouldn’t have occurred to me that the setting was somehow military without the stamps on the back.  Is it reasonable to think there might be a connection between these two settings?  While they are undated, it has a very WWII feel to me (is the soldier at the front of the left-hand photo doing an FDR impersonation?).  To me, the kids have the appearance of being British children evacuated to the countryside, attending classes in a temporary school, the decorations above them suggesting the holidays.  But I don’t really know, and would be happy for other suggestions about what we’re looking at here.  Whatever the situation, I find it moving to see all these people managing to display warmth in trying circumstances.  One more thing:  it wasn’t until I enlarged the photos of the soldiers that I noticed the man on the left in both photos is wearing pajamas.  They have a pattern that isn’t obvious in the small prints, and in the black-and-white photos, they blend right in the with khakis.

2 comments on “Camaraderie”

  1. I think your theory holds water. I got interested in that pouch with the many compartments in the background, and so far I’ve found it could have been a paratrooper’s, either to hold smoke grenades or ammo.

    (Neither of these are an exact match, though.)

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